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EquipoCan is a dog training company in Malaga. Jesús Barbero is a member of the Association of Professional Canine Dog Trainers (ANACP).

We practice cognitive-emotional training, an avant-garde method that incorporates the latest scientific knowledge applied to canine behavior. Our training model looks for the cooperation between the dog and its owner, whose main engine is the affection between both. For us this is the basis of a correct training.

We are puppy training specialists.

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Our Services

Thundra Plan

Don’t have time to train your dog?
Or do you simply want others to do it for you?

Don’t worry, we take care of everything. Personal shopper, personal trainer, personal assistant, and now you can also have a personal trainer, just for you and your dog.

The Thundra plan is an intensive and personalized training program through which we work with your dog at home five days a week: we train your dog, we train him, we take him to the vet, we take him to the dog groomer. And then we take him back home. Five days a week.

*Note: this plan can be adapted to the needs of the clients (working hours, walks, training, accompaniment, dog sitter, etc).

Puppy training

We teach your puppy to manage in a new world
We usually put a lot of effort in teaching puppies to overcome difficulties, to be brave, but we don’t teach them to give up, to accept it when they don’t get what they want.

We have an ambitious program that will help your puppy to manage his emotions in an autonomous way, without the need for us to control him:

  • Return to calm when he gets out of control.
  • Offer him alternatives when he bites inappropriate things.
  • Let your puppy learn to stay home alone without getting upset.
  • Teach him to control his bite.
  • Learn to relate correctly with children and children with him.
  • Sociabilization with other dogs.
  • Etc…

Fear-eater program ®

Let nothing scare your puppy!

Fear-eater uses the most innovative, effective and safe resources to achieve results with your puppy’s fear problems. All this in the form of games for dogs and owners to have fun while solving or preventing any problem of fear and / or insecurity, almost without realizing it, without having a hard time at any time, but overcoming screen after screen of a game that offers them increasingly stimulating challenges and challenges

Unguarding of resources Program ®

When a dog growls at you and even attacks you for trying to get him off the bed or the sofa, or for trying to take something out of his mouth (a stick, for example), he has a problem of resources guarding.

Unguarding of resources® is a different way of working: individualized for each dog and his family, achieving not only that the problem is completely solved, but that THE DOG ENJOYS SHARING HIS RESOURCES (bed, food, toy, bone, etc).

The brave puppy (doesn´t feel anxiety) ®

This is a protocol to develop your puppy’s anxiety coping skills in an effective and fun way…

The butterfly effect program ®

The butterfly effect program refers to the possibility of generating changes through small actions that are far away from what we want to improve, which allows us not to confront the puppy with situations/stimuli that could activate the problematic impulsive behavior during almost the entire program, something very relevant in cases of reactive aggression or fear.

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